We truly believe that yoga is for everyone

All classes are designed for all levels with modifications to help you get into a pose or encourage you to take a pose to the next step. We are here for you. Come in and feel at home. Sign up for a yoga class today.



Be prepared to sweat and breathe. The room is heated to detox the body and prepare the muscles for this flow style class. Bring plenty of water and a small hand towel.


This is an ALL levels class that focuses on breath and movement. You will flow from one movement to the next in a vinyasa style of yoga. Poses focus on building strength, balance and flexibility. Modifications for all levels.


Beginner class for anyone that wants to go back to the basics or simply slow it down for the hour.


This class is a slow movement and breath class based on Power Yoga class sequences. All levels welcome. We will move slow into poses with cues and modifications. Breath and movement will be explored as we begin to awaken your inner yogi.

Vinyasa Flow

Synchronize breath with movement. Cultivating a balance between ease and effort, you will feel successful in individual asanas as well as the layered waves created throughout your practice. Come breathe, move, and create.



The studio offers Mats, blocks and straps. We encourage you to bring a mat if you have one. Owning your own mat will help you keep up your healthy lifestyle with a home practice. Bring water. Hydration is very important. And last but certainly not least, bring a smile and an open mind. Attitude is everything!


Be comfortable. Wear clothes that you can move in. There is not a yoga dress code or certain way you should look for your practice. Above all, it is how you feel. Clothes that are too tight or loose may restrict your movement.


Sign up online before class to ensure your spot. Please silence your phones to prevent any interruptions during class. This is a place to disconnect from the outside world and create your own space to go inward for growth and reflection. Please talk to the instructor about any prior or current injuries or concerns before class. Be on time. Arriving late can disrupt the already on going class. Thank you.



Single Drop In $15


5 Class Package $65


10 Class Package $120


20 Class Package $220


Unlimited (30 days) $120


New Student 5 class Package $55


We believe in the holistic approach to refresh the body and mind through massage

Each and every person is unique, therefore there are a variety of services that can be combined to customize your massage. Hours for massage are daytime only with limited space so schedule today!

Massage Services

Pure Focus

Get your massage customized by mixing a few treatments to best suit your massage needs.  This massage truly is as unique as you are.


Melt away the stress from your day with a Swedish style massage focused on taking you to the highest degree of comfort.  This massage offers a combination of long strokes, kneading, and circular movements to help the body relax.  Also offered for prenatal massage.


Starting each session with an assessment and setting of individual goals to better your outcome of the treatment.  Releasing trigger points in problem areas throughout the body that are associated with long and short term pain and often refer pain to other parts of the body.


A lymphatic massage encourages the flow of lymph and the cleansing process that follows, while aiding in strengthening the body's resistance to disease and the progression of illness.  Lymphatic massage also aids in the draining of excess fluid that may cause edema.  This light and gentle massage will leave you feeling well rested and energized with the soft sounds of ocean tides.  This massage is also great for season changes to prevent colds.

Kinesio taping

Kinesio tape is a light weight nonbinding tape that mimics the weight and print of your skin.  After applied, the tape gives you 3 to 6 days of 24 hr treatment.  The tape works by lifting the top layer of skin promoting more blood flow to that area.  When there is more blood flow to a sore muscle it heals much faster.  By lifting the skin, the nerve space below the skin is increased to aid in sending signals neurologically to repair muscles or clear edema. $15.


30 minute - $40

60 minute - $70

90 minute - $90