Blue Luna Yoga & Wellness is nestled in the historic downtown of West Bend, Wisconsin, where you can find old world charm in every building and shop. Specializing in yoga and massage, our focus is on the community. We strive to create a space for those in the area to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. No judgement here. Be yourself, find yourself, laugh, relax, sweat and breathe.


We truly believe that yoga is for everyone. All classes are designed for all levels with modifications to help you get into a pose or encourage you to take a pose to the next step. We are here for you. Come in and feel at home. Sign up for a yoga class today.



Felicita Nieves, RYT 200, is the proud owner, yoga teacher and massage therapist at Blue Luna Yoga & Wellness in West Bend. Teaching is her passion and massage therapy her first love. Through sweat, laughter and care, Felicita leads a powerfully soothing class. She encourages her students to take chances on and off their mat while embracing their full potential with a playful spirit. Life’s too short, let’s shake it up a bit and find what makes you flow.

Chrissy Backler

Chrissy Backler, RYT 200, has been practicing yoga since 2007 and has been a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast. Chrissy loves giving students of all levels the tools they need to practice yoga in a way that incorporates a mind, body and soul experience. Her classes are an opportunity to incorporate mindfulness, breath work and a physical practice that will leave you feeling confident and balanced both on and off your mat.


Margee Mauney, RYT 200, found yoga during her quest for a good workout and lower stress levels during her college years. After obtaining a BA in Public Relations (phew!), she decided to take a more hands-on approach by participating in Deborah Williamson’s Yoga Teacher Training with Wild Abundant Life.  Her main goal is to empower people from all walks of life to feel strong and confident in every aspect of their lives through yoga. Margee’s yoga classes combine intensity and positivity, so be ready to move, breathe, jam out, and have a blast!


Elise Gothard, RYT 200, began practicing yoga as a way to de-stress, though she soon began to feel the many other mental and physical benefits a regular yoga practice can bring. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2017 has been using her passion to help others enjoy yoga since! The integration of physical asana, breathwork, and mental awareness makes yoga an important part of her self-care routine. Elise believes yoga is for everyone and enjoys using props and modifications to assist yogis of all abilities. Her classes sync breath and intentional movement, bringing peace and unity to mind, body, and soul.


Jen Johannsen, RYT 200, is a Registered Yoga Teacher with YogaAlliance. The program Breathe for Change allowed her the ability to achieve her 200 hours along with understanding how yoga impacts self, relationships and community. She began her own yoga practice more than 10 years ago. Jen loves the balance that both yoga and meditation bring to her life. She wants to bring that same self love to others.


Laurin Otten is an intentional, curious, and loving person. She initially fell in love with the feeling of clarity and calm that followed meditation with her grandpa as a kid, then dabbled in yoga on and off until 2015 when she found a regular practice that lead her through a transformational journey of weight loss and self-discovery. She completed her 200 hour certification at Midwest Power Yoga in 2019 and now leads students through movement and breath-work. She hopes to inspire her students to use yoga as a tool for self-exploration and ultimately self-love.


When not teaching yoga, Katina Koch, RYT 200, is a mother of two and a teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing who has experience with children of all ages and of diverse abilities. Katina is forever looking for ways to improve herself in mind, body, and spirit. She has an interest in gratitude, kindness, joy, and providing everyone with a sense of belonging. Travel is her true passion; her goal is to combine travel, yoga, and family at some point in the future. Katina tries to leave a ripple effect of positivity to the other students who come to her class. She tries to help them find peace in a world of chaos and to look inside themselves for answers to life’s questions by being present and mindful.


Maddelin McGovern, 200 RYT, discovered her love for yoga with a very simple home practice in the summer of 2018. 6 months later, after being treated by her best friend to an aerial yoga class, she was inspired to dive into her 200 hour certification at Abundant Joy Yoga. She enjoys teaching gentle yoga that incorporates a challenging slow flow so her students can really dig deep into their breathing and higher selves. Madde loves the cohesive nature of yoga, combining mind, body and spirit. Get ready to have fun as you flow with Madde.


Katie O’Meara, RYT 200, discovered yoga in 2002. She became certified in basic yoga and started teaching yoga on the side in 2004. Five years later she took her first hot yoga class and was hooked. She quickly felt benefits of the practice in reducing the stress and strain brought on by years of practicing and teaching dental hygiene. In February 2016 she received her 200 hour certification from Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja Mexico. She has also taken advanced training in Yin, Bhakti and restorative yoga. Katie believes strongly in the healing practices of yoga and enjoys sharing her passion with students.


Blue Luna Wellness also offers Massage Therapy. We believe in the holistic approach to refresh the body and mind through massage. Each and every person is unique, therefore there are a variety of services that can be combined to customize your massage. Investing in massage is an investment in your health. Hours for massage are daytime only with limited space so schedule today!

Massage Therapist

Felicita Nieves, LMT is passionate about helping others with their journey to wellness through massage. Felicita graduated in 2008 from the holistic massage school, Blue Sky. There she studied an array of modalities from Neuromuscular Therapy to Cranial Sacral Therapy and everything in between. Other studies include yoga, tai chi and organic cooking. Molding together experiences from a spa setting, health club and a Chiropractic office have given her ability to offer a relaxing, restoring or rehabilitating massage to her clients. Felicita has both witnessed and experienced the benefits of massage for the body and mind. She looks forward to each and every day that she is able to assist or improve the wellbeing of others.